Thursday, 8 October 2015

And then there is this............

I came across this on one of the rare occasions that I read the newspaper!
Before you dismiss it with a shrug and a wry smile, read the complete article. 
Where are the ideas coming from? 
Are people right in offering and enrolling for these "courses"? 
Is there a demand for such courses? Who would enrol? 
And finally, why do we need such course?
The activities and premises that these courses offer are nothing new. The essential difference is earlier our Moms, Grannies, Aunts and elder sisters and cousins "ran" these "courses" for us!!!
Most ideas that come up in society are often spawned by a demand from the society. So can we assume, that the moms/sisters/aunts/cousins are not running these "courses" anymore? 
In that case, someone has to do it for the young moms, right? 
Do you think these courses would be cheap? Or accessible to , say moms in Tier 2 and 3 cities? 
Points to ponder. I have nothing against the courses, as long as they are helping some of the young moms. 
We do need to think why they have become a "course".............